Sarah Elisabeth: Where do you find true joy?

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12th @ 8 p.m.

RADIO: AM 1220 Colorado Market (also TuneIn Radio app)



My name is Sarah Elisabeth, and I grew up in a very large musical home. There were eight of us kids, and my dad was a music pastor. We were always playing instruments, and it was usually something with soul! RnB and soul pop are my favorite genres. I spent many years jumping in with other groups, and that's still something I love to do. Some of the groups I've enjoyed working with are the Blue Gospel Scripts, the Mile High Chapter, and Ron McMillon. But this past year, I started to work on my own releases as an artist! The two I'm sharing with you today are special to me! Ive always wanted to write a song about the impossible joy of the Lord! Even when life hands you a rough set of cards, He gives you a reason to sing! The other song is called My Darling Girl. Both of these songs were produced by a friend named DJ Nicar. He's pretty ridiculously talented! He has two adorable twin girls, and I have three daughters myself. So he asked me to collaborate on a song for our girls, and this is what was born! We love this song! I love being a mom, creating music, and living in this beautiful state!

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