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What was it like growing in the Ukraine during Christmas time?

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17th @ 8 p.m.

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Natalie P. Hall Testimony

“The Performance Treadmill and Guilt”

God wants you to have identity in Him and live a life free from any guilt, standards, and not good enough mentality.

I was born in Ukraine, into a family with strong Christian roots. From an early age I began singing, and fell in love with music.

My early teenage years were filled with lots of music, traveling with groups from church, and singing.

When I was enrolling into music conservatory in Ukraine, the dream to be vocal performance major was destroyed by the Dean of Music, because I am a Christian. Instead, she “allowed” me to study violin. I disliked violin! As a violinist, I was always told that I had to try harder to be better. My good was never good enough, and my best could always be better. This became my life motto, and without realizing it, I attached others to my motto: my friends, my family, and especially my husband.

Since I felt like I was not good enough, they also were not good enough. I always had to be better, and so should they. This created depression with deep guilt within me.


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