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Trey Taylor

Corner Cafe Show:  August 4, 2018

He is the youngest African American Man in Country Music History. The Denver Post wrote “It's impossible to miss his enthusiasm. With a fondness for cowboy boots, gaudy colors and dazzling jewelry, Trey Taylor could stand toe to toe with any of the Pop, Country or even Rap contemporaries of his generation and give each of them a good run for their money, a fact that hasn't been lost on audiences across the world. They've embraced his singular style wholeheartedly, a warm reception that's helped guide this charming, charismatic force of nature on his creative path. His young female fans roar when he hits the stage, his peers respect his style and he transcends audiences capturing them in the palm of his hands without even being aware of doing it”.

Trey Taylor is a singer, composer, public speaker, philanthropist, multi-instrumentalist (He plays over nine instruments) and a true entrepreneur in entertainment. He steadily gains more respect every day by members of the music industry for his continued involvement in every aspect of his career contrary to allocating complete control and responsibility to managers and agencies as done by most artists his age.

Born in Colorado to a single mother, Trey had an instant attraction to music and sang word by word to Disney sing-a-long songs by the age of three and by age four, Trey’s uncle saw enough potential to bring him to Hollywood in the summer of 2003 to audition in front of executives at Walt Disney Creative Enterprises. Trey longed for his musical identity and soon found it when he saw Dolly Parton sing on television being drawn to the genre she sang called “Country” which he had not been familiar with. He begged his mother for Banjo lessons and began fluently playing the banjo and Appalachian Dulcimer but it took Trey accidentally flipping onto a Glen Campbell PBS TV special at age thirteen that brought Trey to be entranced by Glen’s virtuoso guitar playing and became determined to mimic Campbell resulting in Trey becoming a very impressive guitarist by the age of fifteen.

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