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Tessa Fuqua

Corner Cafe Show: September 9, 2017

Equally right-brained and left-brained, Tessa has been a lawyer, teacher, and radio show host as well as living a creative life. She believes that life is to be lived fully and embraces new opportunities to express and create.   Tessa indulges her creativity in several different artistic venues.

Tessa creates visual art ranging from painting and sketches to large street art and murals. She has showcased works in various Denver area festivals and galleries. She was an award winner in the Denver Chalk Art Festival and a commissioned artist in the Aurora Arts Festival as well as an invited artist to Via Colori in Houston, Texas and an artist at Crush 2016.

Tessa also does some acting from time to time. She has appeared in stage productions and interactive roles and a web series. Tessa also has many years of stage experience as a musician and singer/songwriter. She regularly plays with her husband, Jon, and they have recorded 3 CDs.

Besides spending time on her creative pursuits, Tessa enjoys running and other outdoor activities, good cups of coffee, wine-tasting, and building deep relationships. The most rewarding investment of her time has been in raising and homeschooling her family. She and Jon have three children ranging from elementary age to adult.

“ I sort of feel like a butterfly who has gotten to emerge from the cocoon several times instead of just once. Each time is something new and different. Learning to fly in new directions and not limiting myself has been a joyful, interesting, and challenging way to live.”

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