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The Sonflowerz began when sisters Elissa and Becca Leander began writing songs and performing for their church youth group and local coffee shops in their hometown of Colorado Springs in 1999.  At the time, the band consisted of 5 girls, and regularly rehearsed in the basement of the Leander’s house.  Their dad, a longtime musician and prolific songwriter, inspired their love for music from an early age.

The Colorado-based sisters now married, Elissa Leander Tipps and Becca Leander Nicholson, have been ministering together since those teen years when given the opportunity by their church to share a song they had written. Fast forward 15 years, countless concerts, six albums, touring with LifeWay Women, and receiving two GMA awards, and the duo find themselves coming full circle with hearts focused on ministering to young women.

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