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Shannon Wexelberg

If you asked Shannon if there was ever a time she could remember when she didn’t love to sit down at the piano and worship the Lord, she would say she doesn’t recall it. It feels like music and worship have always been a part of her heart and her journey, and for this she is most grateful.

Just prior to Shannon beginning piano lessons, Shannon’s Mom (Barbara) surrendered her life to the Lord and led the rest of the family to Christ. Her Mom and Dad, both musical, put Shannon in piano lessons with their church pianist. God’s faithful hand of providence was at work, indeed.

Most afternoons, beginning around six years of age, you could walk into the living room of Shannon’s house and find her feet dangling off a piano bench. Yes, she was practicing scales, Bach & the classical favorites, but she was also extremely blessed to have a piano teacher who was also a worshipper at heart. Her teacher began to show her how to improvise, play and create by ear and to flow in worship from the very first lesson. They began with the simple song “God Is So Good” and learned it in every style, version and key imaginable. They did that with song after song....and the rest is history. God was beginning to birth and grow the heart of worshipper and songwriter in Shannon.

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