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Shannon O'Keefe: Saturday, August 21

Shannon O’Keefe is an accomplished vocalist who has toured nationally. Originally from Coral Springs Florida, she currently resides in North Georgia after a recent move from Saint Augustine, Florida in 2021.

Shannon has a vocal versatility that spans several genres from Gospel to Country, Jazz, Blues and Classic Rock.

She has has toured with Turning Keys, Jimmy Stowe and the Stowaways, August One and Kymani Marley and opened up for noteable artists such as Donna Summer, Huey Lewis and The News, The Four Tops and Lisa Marie Presley to name a few.

Shannon recorded for Sony Latino and multiple local artists in South Florida, North Florida and California.

She performed in the Fort Lauderdale circuit as well as the Miami circuit and in Los Angeles California from Melrose and Beverly Hills to the Sunset Strip.

Her professional status began in 1992 with the Los Angeles based group Turning Keys. They released the single " Soul To Your Heart" and video "Grey Skies" in 1993 and performed at the MTV awards and multiple other venues on tour in California.

Relocating back to her grassroots in South Florida where she was born, Shannon quickly grew a following and became a local celebrity.

She’s currently working in Atlanta on her original album project and several single albums along with a Christmas album.

Recently at Moon Shade Hollow during Summer 2021 with Grammy Award Winning Producer Billy Hume, Shannon says, “it’s a beautifully creative environment and I feel blessed to work with such a humble, mega talented, gracious individual”.

She’s currently collaborating with local songwriters and musicians for her new record, it’s due for release in 2022.

Formerly in the South Florida music scene after securing an agent with Southern Nights Entertainment in 1994 she worked with multiple house bands at Ft. Lauderdale’s premier venues.

Shannon worked extensively with the group August One, a Palm Beach based classical rock band. She also performed with the popular duo Aura with a large following in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. She later entered the corporate entertainment world with accomplished artists from the Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band, Jimmy Stowe and The Stowaways who would become Jimmy Buffet’s band for his South Florida concerts.

She has performed at multiple high society gala events at Donald Trumps Mar-A-Lago, The Breakers in West Palm Beach and multiple other high society concerts and events in the areas of West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Key Largo, Key West, and Miami including Sun Fest in West Palm Beach and Mizner Amphitheatre in Boca Raton. Priorities with children and family being at the forefront, Shannon embarked on an extended hiatus to raise her children.

Shannon has recorded with Sony Latino Music, Emotiv Records and most recently Icon Recording Studio and Producer Billy Hume at Moon Shade Hollow. Shannon most recently recorded and released the covered songs Fire’s, You Say and Amazing Grace in July 2021 at Icon Recording in Jacksonville and Radiator Records with Grammy winning Producer Billy Hume.

Relocating to Atlanta in 2021 Shannon is connecting with other local songwriters and musicians to collaborate on her new record due to be released in 2022.

After a traumatic injury and recovery along with a very long hiatus to raise her family Shannon made a new life decision to return to her grassroots music.

She says, “there’s healing in music so in the music I will remain”.

Recording Project’s:

Soul to your Heart and Grey Skies project October 1992 Emotiv Records

Sony Latino Recording artists November 1997

Addison studios The Ring or The Boot

Writers Shannon , Doug, Addison

September 202O Recording project at Icon Recording Studios

Rise Project- National Parkinson's Foundation

July 2021 -Icon Recording Studio

Icon Production team

Pianist Desean Kirkland

Mary Did you Know -October 2021 Toes in The Sand Recording Studios

Covered songs You Say and Amazing Grace projects July 2021 with Grammy Award winning producer Billy Hume at Moon Shade Hollow (Radiator Records)

Currently collaborating and performing locally while preparing for her new record to be released in 2022.

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