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Sean BE

Corner Cafe Show: August 31, 2019

Artist: Sean BE – Age: 24 – Hometown: Denver, CO

Sean BE is a rising recording artist from Denver Colorado. Through his music and high energy shows, he pushes to be a light to listeners, and other artists in the industry saying, “I just want to use what I love to inspire people.” Above all, Sean’s message is – purpose. “You are here for a reason; you did not come this far just to come this far. Sean’s belief in this message has pushed him through many adversities and encouraged him to complete the work God started in him. He hopes it will do the same for others who hear it.

Sean had performed with names such as For King and Country, KB, Canon, Derek Minor, Manafest, Transform and others. His ability to be creative and versatile has given him the opportunity to perform on multiple stages (Including Elitches Summer Concert Series, Hope Fest, Heaven Fest, Bandimere Speedway) with different genre of music such as hip-hop, pop, worship, and rock.

Sean’s latest single “Infinity” comes from Sean’s experience growing up in church, seeing leaders come and go, and realizing a continued pattern reoccurring in certain ministries. “I feel like sometimes we find what works for a season, and get stuck in that pattern, instead of evolving and continuing to grow and improve.” Through this song, Sean challenges listeners to find a new perspective on ministry, and move toward improvement – even when that means putting pride aside. “When you want to push boundaries of what’s “normal” people will either love it, or be uncomfortable with it. Some won’t understand until they see it for themselves. It’s our job to show the improvement we want to see. If we move in our own direction, it will fail anyway. But if we move in God’s direction, it will be blessed…but we have to move.”

For more information and to connect with Sean BE, follow him on Instagram @Seanbeofficial and on Facebook

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