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Rachela: Why did you decide to write a book called "Jesus Was Not a Modern Day Christian"?


Rachela an author, songwriter and worship leader who has experienced the incredible grace and mercy of a father who takes His prodigal children and transforms them into Kingdom citizens. "I'm so grateful that I now get to spread that message in so much of my work and my personal life everyday."

Rachel’s mom recalls a moment from Rachel’s childhood that guided her parent’s musical encouragement. It was adult church choir practice and the sopranos just couldn’t find the note. The choir director pointed at three-year-old Rachel and commanded, “hit that note, Rachel.” She sweetly sang out in perfect pitch exactly what the sopranos were missing.

Rachel’s mom knew from that moment on where her daughter would end up.

Since then Rachel has been singing. From choirs, to quartets, duets, and bands, every musical opportunity has been explored. A classically trained pianist, Rachel discovered her love of creativity in her late 20’s. Retraining herself to play pop, rock and country, Rachel started writing songs with her dear friend, Tiffany Vartanyan. The two landed a song with Canadian country star, Jessica Moskaluke.


In the wonderful moments where her first song landed, Rachel was losing her marriage. It was a long and arduous divorce, but she credited her ability to keep going to her faith in God. “There was a day G-d whispered to me that music was first and foremost for my own healing. I needed it as the cheapest form of therapy I could get my hands on. I wrote like a woman with nothing to lose. At that point, I really didn’t have much left. I’d gone into extraordinary debt, I wasn’t able to be a mom to my little boy each and every day the way I thought he needed to due the split time agreement. I had nothing left but God and music. Even then, I questioned my faith. My previous version of God had certainly let me down. But through the time I spent studying and writing, God showed me a version of Him I never had known. And He showed me music in a way I never could have imagined.”

Rachel began to write for herself. Hiring Caleb Slade to produce her first EP she released Landing. And it did indeed land. Many commercial licenses later, Rachel has gone back to her roots. “It’s been a decade since I wrote Landing. In between I’ve had multiple bands and sung with so many people. But I haven’t done anything on my own in a long time. I felt it was time to, not only write the last decade, but produce everything single-handedly.”

Writing songs for Tyler Ward, FACE vocal band, producing and writing for the talented, Elise Lieberth and playing stages like Red Rocks and First Bank Center as well as touring with Jake Shimabukuro, Rachel has added a lot of experience to her resume. In all that time and learning, she has garnered the confidence to make music her own way and in her own time. Uncomfortable being stuck in one genre or vibe, she is making what makes sense in the settings of the songs. Pop like Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift style folk, musical style orchestral pieces and dark Billie Eilish meets System of A Down, there might just be something for everyone on this record. “I’ve done so many styles and I don’t have the same emotions about each genre on a daily basis. It’s a rebellion against all the industry people who told me I could only do one thing but who never helped me when I did that ‘one thing’. I don’t care what people think of me anymore. I care that I make something I love. Plain and simple.”

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