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Rachel James

Corner Cafe Show: June 1, 2019

World-touring guitarist and artist, Dave Preston, has played with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson and virtuoso, Jake Shimabukuro. Still, he calls Dearling his musical home.

“We are literally family, but even family doesn’t always play well together. And we do.”

It’s the kind of family that has kept the band together happily since 2015, landing gigs at Red Rocks, playing with legends like Roberta Flack, and all while garnering a growing fan base.  

Dave and Rachel met in the middle of Dave’s whirlwind career at a songwriter event in Denver. “I’ll never forget his extraordinary and unique guitar playing and songwriting. He stopped the whole room with his song, ‘Rain Down’. I had no idea who he was at the time, but I knew I would never forget him.” Rachel didn’t and soon the two were great friends.

“I remember I needed guitar lessons for a big show I had coming up and I called around town to ask who could get me up to speed quickly. Dave’s name kept coming up and I thought, ‘hey, I already know this guy’. I took lessons and after the show Dave asked me out. We’d spent every lesson laughing hysterically and I knew we had something special. After a long string of bad relationships, Dave was my first great one. And he’ll be my last.”

Dave and Rachel married in 2014 and immediately began writing and creating together. Rachel had placed multiple songs with country and pop artists alike (Jess Moskaluke, FACE Vocal Band, etc.) and Dave had played in every genre and with major artists all over the world. “It was easy to create together. We both had a lot of experience doing it. We took our time and had fun.” Along with Joel and Noah Matthews (brothers) the band wrote, recorded and mixed the record all on their own. An intense process that taught them a lot about the art of creating as a team.

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