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Puchi Colón: Saturday, June 26

For over two decades, Latin Music listeners in the US and abroad have enjoyed the Christian Latin music of Puchi Colón. Puchi (pronounced ‘poo-chee’) is a singer-songwriter, worship leader, musician and producer. Puchi is a native of New Jersey, and of Puerto Rican descent. His passion for his music compliments his sincere love for his savior, Jesus Christ and conviction to advance the Kingdom of God. Puchi recognizes his talent as a gift from God and surrenders it as an offering of Worship.

Puchi Colón released his very first solo album in 1996 Titled, “Voy A Comenzar”(Penvel Productions) and people immediately took notice. In 1997, Ralph Hernandez, joined Puchi and formed his band, since formed he has toured the United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala & Nicaragua.

In 2000, Puchi Colón & his Wife JoAnn founded Jovi Music and released the album “Busca A Jesus” and also Puchi’s first English album “Salsa Praise”. Puchi “broke the mold” and gave the Gospel Music market something that it never really had, an entire Salsa Gospel album in English. In June of 2003, Puchi was awarded the honor of being New York’s Christian Radio (970dj) “Artist of the Year” for 2002-2003. In 2003, Puchi was signed to One Voice Records and released “Lo Mejor De Mi, Para El” (My best, for Him) which confirmed his ability to reach a diverse, multicultural audience. His acceptance in both the Spanish and English markets granted him the ability to reach the masses. Puch­i is mostl­y known fo­r his cros­s-cultural­ style of ­Latin/Salsa music that fuses­ elements from Latin­ Jazz, Tro­pical &­ Gospel m­usic.

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