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NONPROFIT FEATURE - Shainika Jacobs with Adam's Purpose: Saturday, April 23

Together, my husband and I have shared many joys in life as a married couple. Particularly, we are the proud parents of some pretty amazing boys. Never in a million years, had we imagined that our lives would encounter losing one of them and other losses simultaneously. In May of 2018, my mother in love and Langston's mother (Mina Jacobs) passed away after battling several health complications. This was a devastating blow to our family as we laid to rest a matriarch, a beloved mom, and a cherished grandmother. Her passing left such an empty void for us and our children. Shortly after mom passed, our family received an unexpected blessing. We discovered that we were expecting our third child, another son! This became our families light in the darkness as we journeyed through the loss of who our sons affectionately called Granny. With great anticipation of our growing family, we embraced the joy of new life and it provided a soothing to our hurting souls.

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