NONPROFIT - Eric and Rachel Dufour: Saturday, December 4

Pastors, Therapists, Marriage & Family Counselors, and Sexologists

We have over 30 years of counseling experience as pastors, missionaries, therapists, and marriage counselors. Rachel is also a sexologist. We travel the world as counselors and therapists, to provide help and teachings through various platforms and media. We are also the parents of five boys, now all adults.

We began our work in ministry in the 90’s, with the establishment of a church in Alsace (France), all while working in a rehabilitation center for drug addicts and abused women. After answering God’s call on our lives to become missionaries, we moved to South-East Asia. In 2008, we established ourselves in Colorado (USA) and started helping pastors and missionaries in need, from around the world.

I, Rachel, am also an author. My book “Hurray for the Va-Jay-Jay” presents female sexuality clearly, and without taboos. Let’s not forget that God is the author of sex, not Satan! So let’s talk about female sexuality!

"There is true beauty in what God thinks of sexuality. We must reinstate sexuality as being first spiritual, then emotional, then physical, and above all, beautiful!"

My objective is to change the way women see their sexuality and their bodies.

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