NONPROFIT / BUSINESS FEATURE: Wendy Henkelman: Saturday, May 21

She calls herself a storyteller and creative with a passion for adventure, fitness, and faith experiences.

With 15 plus years of experience withIN the event industry she’s seen it all from big extravagant events to over the top productions. What began as a love for faith, experiences, events & community, turned into helping clients around the country tell their OWN stories and inviting others to join them!

Today, Wendy is helping clients tell their stories as an Event Planner & Producer. Wendy is also a published author and host of THE PLACES BETWEEN, a podcast all about transitions.

If you’re human, you know what it’s like to wait. Feeling stuck or unsure what is next can be frustrating and discouraging to many. As faith in the process matters, Wendy believes it is possible to find significance in "the wait", especially when you know you’re called to more. She invites you to discover life-changing keys to trusting God, despite the unknown, while you pursue purpose and learn to embrace the places between.

Wendy has worked alongside dozens of clients and household named nonprofits like K-LOVE & Air1 Radio, Dare 2 Share Ministries, basketballMAUI, Walking on Water, Project C.U.R.E., Operation Christmas Child, World Vision, Night to Shine and more. Having planned and produced extravagant events, fundraisers, and weddings to smaller curated dinner parties and retreats, Wendy really is passionate about ultimately seeing clients experience stories that lead to life change. Some of her work has been seen on TBN and the Ellen Show, as well as resulting in raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for global non-profits fighting COVID Relief efforts in 2020-21..

As Wendy continues to pursue her life’s calling, empowering others to learn how to THRIVE in the places between, she keeps her life verse close to heart knowing anything is possible with Jesus in the center: “He could do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine through His power working within us” - Eph 3:20.



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