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NONPROFIT / BUSINESS FEATURE - John DeYoung with Water for All: Saturday, May 14

We are called to serve the widowed, orphaned and oppressed. Nothing creates more widows and orphans faster than war. The need in Ukraine is urgent, enormous and growing. Millions in this worn-torn country have been left without drinking water and are relying on unsafe sources, leading to disease and death. Men, women and children are fighting for their lives right now without this basic necessity. Water for All, in partnership with key NGO's on the ground, has launched a campaign to provide enough Vivoblu filters to bring clean water to 1.5 million Ukrainians who are trapped in war zones or living in refugee camps. We can't do this without you. Join us in our fight to bring life-saving water to victims of the Ukraine war. Donate today to send portable water filtration systems directly to the people who desperately need them.

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