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Actor Aqeel Ash-Shakoor: How did the Lord, Jesus, lead you out of Islam?

We'll be ENCORING our show with actor, Aqeel Ash-Shakoor, from the Christian film "Turn of the Cheek" on this Saturday's show.

Aqeel Taahir Ash-Shakoor was born in Murfreesboro, NC. He is known for his 2022 feature film roles as James Farmer in the John Ridley directed, “SHIRLEY” and as Construction Worker Frank in “On Sacred Ground.” Aqeel’s 2022 performances will capture him in the role of Pastor Donald Turner in the 2022 Sony Pictures/Amazon Studios comedy series, “A League of Their Own,” FBI Agent Russo on his return to NBC’s Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9: Secret Sant Has A Gift For You, and as a State Police Officer in the real life HBO Max crime series, “Staircase.” To his lead actor credit, Aqeel plays Thomas Green in the Amazon Prime faith-based feature film, “Turn of the Cheek,” and as Willie in the dramatic Amazon Prime feature film, “Cain and Abel.” Other notable roles are Detective Byrons in Tubi’s “Tina and Lori,” Pastor Robert Brown in Tubi’s, “He Played Me,” Lawyer Shiesty in Tubi’s “These Men For Everybody,” and as the Pastor in Tubi’s, “Perfect Justice.”

Turn of the Cheek is a film produced by Black-Smith Enterprises. The concept of forgiveness becomes unimaginable for one family as they face being torn between facing their son's murderer and being compelled to help an innocent child whose life is caught in the balance.

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