Midwest Meets Manhattan

Corner Cafe Show: January 26, 2019

Midwest Meets Manhattan 

On a warm evening in August of 2001, Chad Little walked into a small coffee shop and introduced himself to someone who at best could have been described as, well, different. Spiked hair, yellow tinted glasses and cargo shorts with sandals were hardly the typical attire for the quaint, midwestern town of Sallisaw, Oklahoma, so of course, it was no wonder the slight culture shock that Chad felt, especially since he was wearing Wranglers, cowboy boots, and a t-shirt. That, someone, was Dave Romero, and fortunately for both of them, that night, there were no customers in the shop, so they picked up their guitars, which they conveniently had brought with them, and began trading songs. Chad remembers that fateful night nearly twenty years ago. 

“Dave just started playing worship songs that I didn’t even know, but I picked up the harmonies and by the end of the night, we both knew that something pretty cool was happening.”

From the first harmonies and chords Chad and Dave struck, they realized that their collision must have been something divine, which also made the responsibility they both felt to pursue their new-found sound very evident. So in 2002, they both stepped out on faith and hit the road, singing, writing songs and building a momentum that would lead them to eventually start a recording studio, a music school and to even launch a record label. In 2005, they added a third member, the first Bryan, and became ‘Cord of Three’, who quickly began burning up the road to Nashville. It was there, at a chance meeting with Rick Lloyd, when they sang their self-penned tune, ‘Be Still”, and immediately landed him as their new producer.

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