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Letra Davis

Saturday, January 11th, 2020:

Letra Davis can be summed up in a few but punctual phrases: praising God all the time, in every way, with everyone.

She has a strong history of service to churches as choir director (Calvary Worship Center Colorado Springs, CO ) Worship Director (Lake Morton Church , Strong Tower Church, Lakeland, Fl) and leading a dynamic coalition of Worshippers (United City, Lakeland Fl). She has been featured in plays that minister to domestic violence victims “Shop Talk” and has shared her passion for the arts with youth around the country.

2020 holds many new adventures for Letra as she works with people to live spiritual wholistic lives and teaching how to be a depression survivor with her Le~Le’s Chronicles inspirational & thought provoking Instagram TV platform. She will also release her sophomore album My Freedom Song (Fall 2020) that takes you on a journey from extensive struggle to absolute joy and victory with innovative sounds and unique vocal arrangements that her audience has come to love.

She is thankful for the opportunities God has provided that transcends color, economic, and sociological boundaries which coincides with her out of the box personality. A Colorado native, Letra now resides in the Sunshine State, Florida, which suits her beaming personality for light & adventure. She enjoys spending time with her three beautiful children who are making their own presence known as Artist, Mental Health professionals, and Environmental and Animal Advocates. With God at the helm look for Letra as she is about to burst into a new level of bringing God’s word in art form to the world with boldness and compassion.

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