Let's talk about masculine vs. feminine energy! The Corner Cafe Joins Mad Men of Masculinity Radio


RADIO: AM 1220 Colorado Market (also TuneIn Radio app)

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ3lMBdclszcC0KXE2HFVig

PODCAST CHANNELS: https://cornercaferadio.buzzsprout.com/share

Hosts Rachel Mains and Jamie Daniel join the hosts of Mad Men of Masculinity, Kirk Samuels and Jason Kendrick, to talk about masculine vs. feminine energy. Both energies are beautiful polarities that work hand-in-hand in our romantic relationships.

Jason and Kirk are committed to the betterment of mankind through the sharing with, supporting and helping men into healthy Masculinity for betterment of themselves, their families and the world.

Learn more: https://madmenradio.com

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