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Kirkland Brown

Corner Cafe Show: September 3, 2016

Pushing through all obstacles and struggles Kirkland Brown has proven you can do anything with God on your side. Born and raised from a single mother in a small town of Little Rock, Arkansas money was tight and times were hard but his passion for music kept him going. Kirkland has developed and honed his skills at the age of 8 years old and taught himself how to sing and play the piano.   An example of his early gifts was that when he was a little boy he would watch his pastor play the organ and the piano and would then go home and remember what he saw and come back a few Sundays afterwards and play the whole entire song. It impressed everyone, as they knew Kirkland didn’t have any kind of formal training or piano lessons to begin with.

Although money was scarce for Kirkland and his family, he continued to teach himself how to sing and play piano and when he graduated high school he decided that he wanted to pursue his career in music. He later went to Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Ark to major in music. He studied under professor William Powell where he learned the importance and the theory of music and also classical music. Kirkland began to soar to the top of his class with his amazing talents that impressed a lot of his peers.

Kirkland later moved to Colorado to continue pursuing his music and began writing songs in 2003 and also began teaching himself how to play acoustic guitar. He felt that he has always had the urge on the inside to write music and to also write songs and lyrics for others. Kirkland has even declined late night entertainment to sit at home on weekdays and weekend nights to hone his skills as a singer/songwriter.

As of now Kirkland has been working on his very own CD project that he is producing himself and will be releasing in the next few months to come. This album will show a collection of songs that reflect the things he’s been through and where God has brought him from and where he is going. Kirkland has had many struggles and has an incredible testimony and gifts that he can’t wait to share with the world. God has a special anointing on his life and it can heard in his music as he sings and play.

You do not want to miss the incredible anointing God has on Kirkland’s life and his music. May God bless you to be a part of such an amazing, talented and gifted man of God.

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