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Keith Sanders

Corner Cafe Show: July 6, 2019

Keith Sanders will be joining us on the cafe this Saturday: 

Started playing drums at age six and did this in church from ages seven-14.

Played drums for national recording gospel quartet, The Royal Heirs, at 12 and also had the opportunity to sing a couple of songs for every program.  Keith got rave reviews about his vocals at these concerts and this gave him the confidence to dedicate more time to developing his voice and learning to sing.

At age 16, Keith learned to play a six-string lead guitar and also became the lead vocalist for The Royal Heirs. He was on tour with them until age 17 and was partially home-schooled on the road.

At age 18, Keith came off the road and returned home to North Carolina to graduate high school.  Shortly after graduation, he took a job as a guitar technician for semi-national recording artists, rock band Lizzy Borden.  The band got a break and released a song called “The Toll” which was played on radio stations nation-wide.  The lead singer resigned and Keith was promoted to this position. Previously during shows the group would occasionally have Keith come on-stage to sing, so he was ripe and ready to take over the lead.

In 1982, Lizzy Borden recorded an album, “Hard Lovin’ Man”, with the song by the same name which got the band recognized and honored with many different types of awards. With Keith as lead singer Lizzy Borden opened for several major artists like ZZ Top, Motley Crue, Heart, Poison, 38 Special, Grinder Switch, George Hatcher, etc.

In 1987, Keith left Lizzy Borden in order to establish himself as a songwriter.  Like many musicians and vocalists, Keith played with several different bands trying to find his place as a singer/songwriter.

In 1990, Keith & Larry Paul formed a three-piece blues power trio called Project Blue.  The group enjoyed much success on tour.

In 1996, Project Blue was offered a national recording contract by blues label, Alligator Records from New Orleans.  Because of Keith’s severe heroin addiction, however, he decided to walk away from this lucrative contract in order to get off drugs and get his life together.  He got clean of heroin and moved to Alabama later in 1996.  He accepted Christ as his Savior in that same year and has fully devoted his talents to building the Kingdom of God through Christian music ever since.

*The CD that Keith released in 2017, “Rock-N-Blues With Good News”, contains the three songs that will be heard on Corner Café.  This CD was recorded after Keith was healed of throat cancer.  During the cancer, doctors had told Keith he may never even talk again, much less sing.  But Keith chose to believe in and stand on the Word of God instead of what his circumstances were showing.  Isaiah 53:5 became his creed: “…by His stripes we are healed.”

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