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Kate Hurley

Kate Hurley is pretty excited that she typed in her name on lastfm and was actually on there! I know because I am Kate Hurley. But I am going to keep talking in third person because it sounds more professional.

Kate is an independent artist based out of Boulder, Colorado. She travels the world leading worship, teaching, playing her solo music at bars and coffee shops, and generally building a really big family that never seems to stop growing.

She has been a featured artist on Enter the Worship Circle and on Absolute Worship. Her solo album "Sleeping When You Woke Me" brought quite a bit of critical acclaim and hopefully lots of smiles to people's faces.

She is now working on 2 new albums, a Hosea concept album and a new solo album. The Hosea album is being recorded straight from her house from a mic that is sitting in a cup because she hasn't gotten a mic stand. An Eskimo Joe's cup, in fact. She will be getting a mic stand very soon.

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