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KAPPA STUDIOS - Selfie Dad: Saturday, November 28

This Saturday, we'll be talking with Paul Long the Founder of Kappa Studios and highlight their movie Selfie Dad. Selfie Dad is funny, heartfelt and inspiring. So, plan your next family movie night!


For over 30 years, KAPPA STUDIOS has been a landmark post-production facility in the Burbank, CA media district down the street from Disney, Warner Bros. and Universal.

Over the past decade, Kappa president Paul Long became increasingly concerned with the content of projects that Kappa was servicing. Paul had a growing desire to only participate in projects that uplift the culture and promote a Christian worldview, and his convictions increasingly caused him to turn away work.

After much prayer, Paul did what is unprecedented and unthinkable in Hollywood: he walked away from money and pivoted the company to only serve faith & family friendly projects.

Learn more here.

Kappa Studios


3619 W. Magnolia Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91505

Christian Film Finishing Fund | Facebook

Selfie Dad Resources link:

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