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Jermaine Bollinger: Saturday, March 7

MISSION STATEMENT:"Jermaine Bollinger exists to transform the current worship culture in music today by striving to be the catalyst that revolutionizes the industry forever."


Jermaine Bollinger has been handed a God-given talent. He has been inclined with the gift of music. Not only is Jermaine a fantastic singer/songwriter, but he can also play a variety of instruments exceptionally well. Named after Jermaine Jackson, Bollinger has solidified himself as a professional, reliable, and extremely gifted musical performer, studio musician, composer, lyricist, and engineer. On most of his albums, Bollinger plays the vast majority of the instruments (if not all of the instruments on the majority of the tracks), and he writes and/or arranges every song and engineers (records, mixes, and masters) the albums.

“My desire,” Bollinger says, “is for my music to reflect my mission statement, which is to strive to be the catalyst that revolutionizes the Christian music industry forever.”

Named for Jermaine Jackson from the iconic Jackson 5, Bollinger has developed into an excellent representation of his namesake. Not only is Bollinger a talented singer/songwriter, but the musician plays a variety of instruments. Bollinger also is a respected performer, studio musician, engineer and Worship Pastor at Temple Baptist Church in Centralia, IL.

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