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Jamie Daniel

Corner Cafe Show: August 24, 2019

Singer, Songwriter, and Choreographer

Christian Recording Artist

Our own Jamie Daniel just came out with a new album, “Image.” 

Jamie Daniel was born and raised in the beautiful state of North Carolina.  Growing up in a single parent home Daniel’s mother worked tirelessly providing for her 5 children.  At the age of 2 years old Daniel was still crawling and unable to walk. Daniel’s praying grandmother refused to believe her precious grandchild could not walk towards her.  She actively prayed and anointed his legs with oil every day. Through the power of prayer Daniel began to walk as if nothing had hindered or slowed him down. Daniel competed in running competitions through high school breaking and setting records. Daniel’s love for running soon shifted and Daniel pursed theatrical dance. Daniel’s passion for dance became evident when he easily picked up the latest dance craze of pop locking, break dance, jazz, salsa, and modern dance.  After discovering Daniel had a voice his mother saw fit to put him and his brothers in the local church choir to keep them out of trouble. Daniel combined the arts of dance and music and began pursuing his dream of becoming a recording artist. Daniel was offered a recording contract where he wrote the lyrics and music for his first debut album “Live to Love”

Jamie Daniel quote: “I’ve always believed God has something special for everyone. Pursuing desires awakens the true gifts in all who answer the call.”

Jamie Daniel skillfully combines his multiple talents to bring music to life. His style is a vast catalog of sounds, blending smooth, silky jazz vibes with a touch of R&B yet easy on the listener with classical melodies that will uplift and encourage your soul. With a wide vocal range and angelic quality, Jamie’s high tenor voice is superb following every exquisite musical phrase.

Jamie Daniel has professionally recorded 2 albums “Live to Love” & “It’s not Enough”. He has been ministering since he was a young teenager and his appetite continues to grow along with his audience, who keep Mr. Daniel in growing demand with a consistent schedule. Mr. Daniel has been featured on local and national television, and many churches including:

West Angeles Performance Arts Theater Dick Clark Productions. NBC Studios BET Entertainment California Cable Media One Talent Night, Long Beach , CA World Famous Crazy Horse, Irvine, CA The Gospel Komedy Slam Crenshaw Christian Center, Fred Price Ministry Orchard Road Christian Center, Marilyn Hickey Ministries Heritage Family Fellowship, Dr. Art Aragon Friedman Forum 

Fountain of Youth Ministries Senior Pastor William M. Phillips  Word of Life Christian Center, Dr. Mark T. Bagwell Featured in the Orange County Register and corporate newsletter Faith Life Fellowship Pastor Chris Sutley (Director of Worship) Church of God in Christ Bishop Charles E. Blake Mitsu Weekly

The Real Traci Rock Radio show 670AM KLTT

Ryan Seacrest Studios and much more…

Jamie Daniel brings grace and sophistication to the stage, giving birth to a new sound in Christian music. My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing and make music with all my soul. PS 108:1

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