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Holy Mountain

Corner Cafe Show: April 21, 2018

Holy Mountain is on this weekend's Corner Cafe. Holy Mountain started when two singer/songwriters from opposite ends of the earth met at a conference in the mountains of Montana in the summer of 2015. Thomas Ewing, a native of Colorado and Gary Rea, from Cape Town, South Africa both have solo music careers but discovered a musical and spiritual kindredness that compelled them to collaboration. It only took a couple of writing session for them to realize that this was working.

"We would write a song almost every time we got together. It just came very naturally and we both had very similar things we wanted to communicate with our music" says Thomas.

More than just the musical connection is the love and friendship that has developed between the two of them and their families. They both believe that true community is at the core of what Holy Mountain is.

Thomas and his wife Debbie recently relocated to Franklin, TN and live just down the street from Gary, Kerry and their four kids.

They are both worship leaders and share a passion for leading people into the presence of God through music but Holy Mountain is breaking the mold of what worship music can look like. While incorporating unconventional musical creativity with singable melodies, they strive to merge honest, personal lyrics with words that give a language to the church and can relate to a congregation of worshippers in a fresh way.

Lear more, click here.

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