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Featured Guest: Ron McMillon III Speaker Spotlight: Carin Hansen

Corner Cafe Show: September 28, 2019

Colorado Native Ron McMillon has a style that is a mixture of Gospel and Smooth Jazz. Having studied music at the collegiate level, Ron’s creative versatility is on full display at his inspired performances at concert venues, churches, jazz festivals, and also while playing live with smooth jazz Artist and producer Darren Rahn, world-renowned pianist Adlan Cruz, gospel artists Kim Stratton, Phillip “Doc” Martin, and many other notable performers.

Mr. McMillon released his first gospel jazz single entitled “It Is Me” in the Spring of 2013. 

With his debut single going to smooth jazz radio in 2015, saxophonist Ron McMillon presents “Consuming Fire,” from his current album, “Talkin’ About Jesus”, which was produced by acclaimed format veteran Darren Rahn. This chart-topping single has taken the world by storm on smooth jazz and Gospel stations worldwide, including play on SiriusXM “Watercolors”! In the Summer of 2016, Ron McMillon released his 2nd hit single “In The Flow”, which reigned on the very prestigious Top 30 Billboard Chart for 8 consecutive weeks! Ron was labeled by some as “Mr. SirusXM Watercolors” because his music was in heavy rotation at radio Worldwide! Also, his music played regularly on the televised Jazz music stations including DirectTV!

Ron’s sincere passion for music ministry and his love for God is the foundation of ALL of his newly found successes in the music industry. McMillon is quoted saying, “My desire has always been to touch the hearts of people all over the world with my musical gifting. This is just the beginning!”

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Ron is releasing his new Album “Press Toward The Mark” October 20, 2018.  Many Smooth Jazz and Gospel Jazz lovers are anxiously awaiting this new release! 

Corner Cafe Life Coach & Speaker Spotlight:

Carin Hansen joins us on the show in the 2nd half (9 p.m. hour) for the Speaker Spotlight. Carin is also a life coach. Over twenty years ago a life coaching ministry blossomed from her life experiences that offers care, help, hope and encouragement. Carin’s book “A Woman’s Cancer Journey Primer” offers practical help in the form of a travel guide. Seminars, support group sharing and one-on-one consultations utilize the information in that book. Learn more here

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