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ENTERTAINMENT FEATURE - Noe Garcia: Saturday, February 26

Noe Garcia is the senior pastor of the North Phoenix Baptist Church, where the memorial service was held to honor Senator John McCain. Pastor Garcia presided over the memorial service, giving the welcome, invocation and the benediction.

Noe Garcia joined the North Phoenix Baptist Church as its Senior Pastor in May of 2016. He’s been preaching for more than a decade, after earning degrees in kinesiology and religion at East Texas Baptist University. His roles as a minister and then a pastor have taken him to communities across the south and southwestern regions of the United States.

He began his career as a young adult and sports minister at Second Baptist Church in his hometown of Houston, Texas in May of 2006. In 2008, he moved to California to further his religious education. Garcia earned a Master’s degree at the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, which has since changed its name to Gateway Seminary. While there, Garcia served as a singles and youth pastor at the Valley Baptist Church in San Rafael.

In his book Repurposed, Noe Garcia takes readers on a journey through Romans 8, which many have called “The Greatest Chapter in the Bible.” Noe shares his life story, including abuse, depression, and overwhelming hopelessness. He reveals how God has redeemed him, repaired his brokenness, and restored him to new life.

Whether your life is like Noe's was, or your brokenness looks different, this book will meet you where you are, and:

  • Provide hope for your future.

  • Remind you of the promise that God is for you.

  • Lead you to surrender your brokenness to God.

  • Help you see how God is using all things together for your good.

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