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ENTERTAINMENT FEATURE - LaTan Murphy: Saturday, April 9

LaTan Roland Murphy is a speaker, vocalist, and freelance writer with a passion for encouraging people to live life to the fullest. As an established teacher of the word, LaTan finds great joy in helping others discover their God given purpose. She brings a unique style of humor to the platform, making her listeners feel as though they have known her for years. With humility and vulnerability, LaTan often shares her most embarrassing moments of life as a way of freeing others to be real.

LaTan has been blessed with husband Joe Murphy; her greatest support for nearly 35 years. The two have served along side each other in ministry. Her favorite point of discussion these days is her grandchildren, who are a constant source of inspiration.

She is an award winning freelance writer with articles featured in the Voices Section of WHOA Women’s Magazine, on staff with and is also a prayer team member for Girlfriends In God and Journey Friends websites, reaching women around the world through prayer and email response weekly.

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