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Antoine Hilton: Don't Give Up - God's Got His Perfect Timing!


RADIO: KLDC AM 1220 Colorado Market (also TuneIn Radio app)




Corner Cafe Personality Biff Gore "The Ambassador of Soul" fills in for Jamie Daniel, as Rachel Mains' co-host on this upcoming show. And, Antoine Hilton is back on the show to talk about his new single, "GOD IS". Antoine also shares his testimony of when he was ready to throw in the towel and give up on music. He had some ups and downs... but God reminded him, through friends and family, who Antoine was doing this for. They also mentioned that our timing isn’t always God's timing. Once GOD IS ready to elevate you, He’ll do it in His timing! Antoine was encouraged to keep going and now the success of his new single “GOD IS” reminds listeners that when God says, "yes" nobody can say "no"!

Antoine was born and raised in New York. He is an artist with an eclectic style that has been singing/writing/producing since his childhood years, all the way up to the success of his first and second solo albums B.A.I.T./ B.A.I.T 2. His first solo album has been shocking the world ever since its release. He has been on radio stations and internet radio stations all across the globe including the UK.

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