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Brian Neumann

Corner Cafe Show: September 17, 2016

Musician, Musicologist, Artist, Film Producer, Author, and Lecturer Brian Neumann will be on this Saturday's Corner Cafe. Neumann is, in fact, a Renaissance Man, the rare artist whose expertise spans a significant number of subjects. He seems to have done a little bit of everything from composing, performing as a singer and guitarist, operating his own recording studio, producing movies, speaking and teaching. Neumann has even penned five books. As if being capable of this is the most natural thing in the world, he said, offhandedly, “I might start painting again, as well. I enjoyed it so much when I was younger.”Where on earth did this musicologist, bursting with creative ideas, come from? The native South African was composing and playing guitar by the time he was 8. Although his earliest influences were classical with religious undertones, he also loved rock and pop.By the time he was a teenager there was no doubt music formed the core of his life . . . It was in the mid-eighties and Neumann was gigging around town as a musician when Italian producer Manlio Celotti discovered him. Under Celotti's direction, Neumann became a part of the band, “Reespect,” and signed with Polydor Records [in Hamburg, Germany]. Neumann [on returning to South Africa] began working in the movie industry as a sound guy. Despite working his tail off, it took about three years to get up and running in the music world.

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