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Blues Behind Bars: Saturday, March 21st


We are a Christian-based program (501c3 Non-profit sponsored) with the vision of improving the lives of the incarcerated population through creative music events and workshops. We began doing concerts in Colorado prisons about ten years ago, and songwriting workshops at Larimer County Jail five years ago.

Did you know:

98% of Colorado inmates will be released back into community at some point in their lives. 45% of prison inmates never receive a visit from family or friends as they serve their time. Prisons in the United States are typically and sometimes critically understaffed and overpopulated. Prisons depend upon volunteer programs to bring education, positive role modeling and mentoring to the inmate population. The warden at Sterling Correctional Facility told us that volunteer programs are making Colorado a safer place to live. Through our concerts and workshops at correctional facilities in Sterling, Arkansas Valley, Denver (women’s correctional facility), Fort Collins and elsewhere, we average 500 or more connections with inmates in custody in Colorado annually.

The Music Vision:

We believe that music is a powerful means of harnessing creativity for personal growth and healing. The songwriting workshops are an interactive environment where we talk about life experiences and process those stories as a group as we craft “real” blues songs. The result is often a cathartic experience that releases deep pain and kindles fresh hope.

Judge Tom French has said, “Without hope, consequences don’t matter.” The essence of what we strive to achieve: bringing hope behind bars.

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