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Jamie Daniel: As an artist, how do you encourage people in their faith?


RADIO: KLDC AM 1220 Colorado Market (also TuneIn Radio app)




Rachel Mains talks with her co host Jamie Daniel about his artistry. Jamie is a singer-songwriter and loves to share the testimony of Jesus with his audience.

Jamie says, “I’ve always believed God has something special for everyone. Pursuing desires awakens the true gifts in all who answer the call.”

Jamie Daniel skillfully combines his multiple talents to bring music to life. His style is a vast catalog of sounds, blending smooth, silky jazz vibes with a touch of R&B yet easy on the listener with classical melodies that will uplift and encourage your soul. With a wide vocal range and angelic quality, Jamie's high tenor voice is superb following every exquisite musical phrase.

Jamie Daniel has professionally recorded 2 albums "Live to Love" & "It's not Enough". He has been ministering since he was a young teenager and his appetite continues to grow along with his audience, who keep Mr. Daniel in growing demand with a consistent schedule. Mr. Daniel has been featured on local and national television, and many churches.

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