Jaren: As a young, all girl, band what do you feel will be your greatest impact?

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Saturday, October 15th, at 8 p.m.

Meet Jaren - The Lead Singer of the Band

Jaren is the quintessential “girl next door”, a eighteen-year-old as beautiful and independent as the rugged Michigan she calls home. She is also a musical savant. At seven years old, Jaren was mastering piano, guitar, and writing her own songs - and not just any songs. Her verbal panache expressed itself in punchy, soul-roaring anthems that took her audience by storm. Her style was effortless, her confidence infectious. Jaren had a gift. So did her parents. A thousand miles roundtrip from Michigan to Music City were a small price to pay to see Jaren realize her God-given potential. She enrolled in a high-intensity artist development program that taught everything from pop performance to classical orchestration. Her original songs are a musical powerhouse. Like the no-holds-barred performer who wrote them, these songs leap from the stereo into your soul. Her singles and title tracks sums up Jaren’s mission - to push back against the culture of fake and light a spiritual fire in her own generation. The daughter of two entrepreneurs who taught her to be a self-starter, Jaren doesn’t stop. She’s written over 300 songs, performed on 150 stages and a dozen festivals, and written and orchestrated her own Broadway musical of “The Great Gatsby.” She is also a passionate worship leader who never forgot the message God gave her at a retreat years ago: Your God-given purpose is to bring wandering hearts to Christ through music, and to shine God’s light and love into the darkness. With the launch of her first original songs, Jaren’s light is blazing for the whole world to see.

Learn more: https://www.jarenlagore.com





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