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ARTIST FEATURE - Love Like Gravity: Saturday, February 19

Love Like Gravity is a band that unashamedly shouts out a message of Faith, Hope and Love. With a heart that beats for ministry, always searching for the best balance of depth and accessibility in modern music isn’t easy. However, this band seems to have found the elements to make it work. Joining forces with Tony Palacios and Jim Cooper (Decyfer Down, Building 429, High Flight Society, etc) as the bands producers was one of the smartest and biggest steps forward from the start. Musical independence and a passion for the song crafting itself has led to numerous successes for the band over the past decade. The current line up featuring Billy Pind (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Cale Kight (Guitars/bgvs) & Stan Mayo (Drums/Programming/Synth) will release their latest offering with the full length album entitled ‘Break The Silence’. The album features the hit single, ‘Devil’s In The Details’ which went to #2 on Christian Music Weekly’s Rock chart in the fall of 2021 and maintaining a position in the Top 20 for over 30 weeks.

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