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Guest on Corner Cafe

Thank you for the honor of coming on our show!

**A requirement to be on the show is that you share and advertise

your segment with your fans and followers**


It would be a benefit to us to have you follow/like/subscribe to all, or your most favorite, social media channels. We will be marketing and posting our interview with you on these media channels.





Podcasting Channels

Will you be interviewed?
Upload marketing photos



If you are not in studio, we will call you 5 minutes prior to our scheduled time (Colorado time). We will also send a Streamyard link to your email. So, you will be on the phone (used for us calling you) and Streamyard (use a computer) at the same time. Please have phone earbuds on as well - this will help to eliminate feedback.


So, you will be using two devices: A phone for the phone call and a computer for video on Streamyard.


The interview will air on a future Saturday at 8 p.m. You can listen live to the radio show on this website (Listen Live tab) or the other media channels provided above. We will also post the video of the interview on our social media.


The 2 songs you choose to feature, will air in the show. If you have a video of the songs, we can also place that in our video - you must send us the video to download. The marketing photos you upload will be featured in our pre and post show promotions.

Looking forward to having you on the show!

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